Rating: 2 out of 5

Story: Libby Parsons (Ashley Judd) is wrongfully found guilty of murder following the mysterious death of her husband. After 6 years she is released from prison, and whilst under the watchful eye of her probation officer Travis Lehman (Tommy Lee Jones) she encounters danger as she seeks the truth.

Review: Another reliably stoic performance from Tommy Lee Jones is not enough to save director Bruce Beresford’s mediocre crime yarn. Ashley Judd does not convince as a traumatised widow during the early section of the film, and there is scant originality or panache in the delivery of the chases and revelations that follow. The direction and visuals do not bolster the intended thrills, often drifting into ‘TV special’ territory. Aiming for a level of legal credibility in it’s story which is wholly unpersuasive, this tale has been told more believably and with more style before.

Watch this… if you have fond memories of The Fugitive (1993)